GYM41 Has Reopened Bigger and Better!

Dear Members and Trainers,

So we're no longer on the 2nd floor.

Key fobs are fully functional. 

We have taken over about 6000 sq ft of the 1st floor where the basketball court in the Athlete Factory used to be. When you come in use the same main door but instead of taking a right up the stairs take a left into the Athlete Factory.

Here is our Covid Protocol.

We will not be open 24/7. Our hours will be 6:00 am to 10:30 pm.


All members must book in advance all workouts on the workout sign up page. 

Please email Kristian for the password to the workout sign up page at info@gym41.ca

We are booking 90 min workouts. Bookings start at 6:00 am the last booking is at 9:00 pm. Everyone must be out by 10:45 pm. No exceptions.

We can have a max of 40 people at any given time during each 90 minute time slots. 

Masks are required in the building at all times. 
You may remove your mask while working out but the mask must be put back on when you're not working out.
Not working out means for trainers, while training clients, for members while spotting, setting up for your exercise, going to get water or to the washroom or while resting between sets.

When you come in to the gym you are asked to take a disinfectant spray bottle and 1 clean towel. Please wipe down everything you touch with disinfectant and your towel. When done your workout please wipe down your bottle with disinfectant and return your bottle and place your towel in the dirty hamper. We will doing a deeper clean once a day on top of this. 

If you have any questions please contact us at info@gym 41.

It's great to be back training but please go easy and take it slowly for a couple of weeks to prevent injuries!



41 Ardelt Pl, Kitchener, ON, N2C 2C8, Canada

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